I am hoping to adopt a husband! Please feel free to browse this blog to get a better idea of who I am. I am committed to a strong, open relationship with my future husband's family. If you have any questions e-mail me at jilleb163 AT gmail DOT com. Please pass along my information to any men you may know who are considering marriage.

Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm Getting Older

Over the past several years there have been subtle clues that I'm not a kid anymore. I can't get up without making some kind of noise anymore - my joints will crack, or I'll let out a whimper of pain. It's getting harder and harder to stay up past midnight. I find myself spending more than a few seconds looking at the weather forecast. I'm starting to really, really like Fleetwood Mac.

And last week, I used a Target gift card - something I could have used to buy any one of several hundred thousand fun and exciting items available in-store or online - to procure something that says quite plainly and in no uncertain terms, "I've given up on my youth."

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I now own a Crock Pot.

But wait. It gets worse.

I planned this purchase. I researched it. I checked prices and pot capacity. I considered different models. I bought my Crock Pot deliberately and with premeditation. And I didn't just buy a Crock Pot. I am excited about it. I have plans for it. They involve vegetables. Vegetables!

It's hard to believe that only a few short years ago I was still on my parents' insurance and being mistaken for a teenager. But those years are behind me now. I use twenty-dollar eye cream, I'm in bed before Letterman, and I own a Crock Pot.

I'm getting old.

But for the record, despite my lost youth, I would still love to adopt a husband. Please keep me in mind if you know of any single men who are considering marriage. If nothing else, a husband of mine will eat well. My Crock Pot came with recipes :)