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Monday, July 26, 2010

Mama Said ...

Sometimes I like to make my mother listen to me whine about being single. It's fun. For me, anyway. Not so much for her, but I can't be arsed to worry about that. One thing she likes to tell me to try to make me feel better is that there is an amazing man out there for me. She doesn't seem to know where on earth he is, and neither do I, so that doesn't do me much good.

She also tells me I have to be patient and that things will happen when they happen, not when I want them to. Not that that's news to me. I KNOW I have to wait. I can't just make thing happen because I'm tired of waiting.

So, this afternoon, I was washing dishes, and although I've heard that song about whistling while one works, I've never been able to whistle. So I had the TV on instead, on one of the music channels we get as part of our cable package. I prefer channel 925, which is Party Favorites. I started to sing along with one of the songs that came on halfway through my dish-washing, and as I did so, I thought, yes! That IS what Mama said!

No, not that there'd be days like this (my mom's an optimist), but that you can't hurry love. You've just got to wait!

Apparently, Diana Ross and I have the same Mama.

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