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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Why I Am Hoping to Adopt A Husband

My mother got married when she was 19. When I was little, I thought I would get married at 19, too. Then I got to be a teenager and I thought 19 was kind of young. When I was 17, my sister got married. She was 22, and I thought that was the perfect age. I decided I'd marry at 22, and I planned my life (and my education) accordingly.

22 passed, and I'd never been asked out on a date. I realized that I wasn't going to marry when I wanted to. I prayed to know where to go and what to do to meet people - to meet my future husband. The past few years have been crazy and busy ... and I still haven't met him yet.

I tried on-line dating for quite a while. Boy, did I try it. I have been on LDS Singles, LDS Mingle, eHarmony, Chemistry.com, Match.com, OK Cupid, and even a couple of dating websites specifically for geeks and techies. Every single one was disappointing, and after a few years I came to realize that wherever my future husband is, he's not looking for me on an internet dating site.

I have been going to singles wards for nine years now. I haven't always gone to every activity, but in the past year or so I've stepped up my attendance to maximize my odds of meeting the right man. I have gone to FHEs, firesides, institute classes, Break the Fasts, and activities on every level - ward, stake, and regional.

Owing to my lack of social experience, I've not had any luck in the dating department despite my being at every conceivable activity. I've talked to every married person I know and almost every single one of them meet their spouse through friends. So I've turned my focus to my friends - and, as follows, the world of blogging.

One of you reading this blog may very well be acquainted with the man I someday marry! And if you can find him for me, I will forever be in your debt :o)

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