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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why Jill Will Be An Awesome Wife

Of course, every woman thinks she'll be a great wife. Or, rather, no woman wants to think she won't be a great wife. But my mother suggested that I make a list as a reminder to myself of what I have to offer. If any of it sounds like bragging, that was probably my mother's input :o)

Here's the list, in no particular order:

-I want to be a good wife. I'm willing to work at having a successful marriage - I know that marriage takes work!
-I have a strong testimony of the Gospel and especially the Savior.
-I'm thrifty. I'm not a spoiled princess. I can live on a small budget. I don't expect a lot, and I don't need a lot. I'd be happy in a trailer.
-I want to be a mom. I'm a good mother, and I make beautiful babies :o)
-I know how to work hard. I have a good work ethic. I've had a job since I was 13 years old.
-I have - and use - a temple recommend.
-I'm a good housekeeper. I like cleaning and I like having a clean home.
-I've got a marketable skill - cosmetology. It will save money and I can always get a job doing it if I need to.
-I'm mature and responsible. I eschew drama.
-I'm smart and, I think, rather clever.
-I'm witty.
-I've got a nice, hourglass-shaped figure (my mother made me put this one down).
-I've got great hair, soft skin and pretty eyes (my mother made me put this one down too).
-I love children and would like to have many of them.
-I'd love to be a stay-at-home mother.
-I love my mama.
-I'm unselfish. I can put others first, even when it hurts me.
-I can do hard things and make hard decisions.
-I'm low-maintenance and don't cost much to keep.
-I can fix a haircut, a car, a meal, a toilet and a hem.
-I am kind, empathetic, enthusiastic and loyal (mom again).
-I'm in therapy and have been for 5 years. I can work on and through my problems, accept responsibility for my faults and actions, and change myself for the better.
-I rarely trash-talk and I hate gossip.
-I am eloquent. I write well, express myself well, and communicate effectively (this is starting to sound like a résumé).
-I am a fairly decent cook. I am willing to try new foods.
-I'm a good citizen. I obey the law. I vote. My driving record is immaculate.
-I tolerate well the irritating habits of others.
-I'm healthy. I take good care of myself.
-I can sew things. I can mend and repair things. I can re-use and re-purpose things to save money.
-I don't have affluenza or a sense of entitlement. I wasn't raised with much, and I don't need much to be happy. I think I mentioned this one already.

I hope this list isn't too braggy. I think I've got a lot to offer as a wife and mother. All I need is the right man to make it happen!


  1. I think I need to adopt some of your personal qualities!

  2. Ask your mother, I'm sure she'll tell you you've already got them :o)

  3. Hey Jill, I came over from your Happiest Sad blog (which I've just read from the beginning in the past 2 days!)
    I'm just wondering if you would be willing to explain some of the Mormon terms you use for us non-Mormons (like "I have - and use - a temple recommend" or Roo being sealed to her parents)...like putting a short description beside the term. I understand if you don't want to explain everything but I was just curious and I assume I'm not the only one!
    Thank you!!

  4. Elise,
    I'd be happy to! Anyone who spends two days with my blog deserves a reward :o) I'm working on something at the moment but I probably won't get it posted until after my trip to Ireland.

    I'll try to explain the two things you've mentioned, though.

    The temple is God's house on earth. Just like I wouldn't let any stranger off the street into my house, God doesn't either. There are certain standards that He asks us to live by to be worthy to enter His house. I wasn't living by those standards before, and it's taken me time to put my life in order so I'm good before the Lord. A temple recommend is a little card a church member gets from his or her bishop. He'll interview them and ask them a series of questions to determine whether they've been living by the standards God has set forth. If they have, he signs his name on the little card (recommend) to indicate that the person is worthy to enter the temple.
    "Using" it means that I attend the temple regularly. There is a fantastic little video about temples found here: http://mormonsmadesimple.com/

    One of the things Mormons believe is that families can be together forever, not just in this life - for instance, my dad died, but he's still my dad, and in the next life, my mom and I will be with him again. When a couple is married by the proper authority, in the temple, they are sealed together. Not till death do they part, but forever. Any children that this couple bears are already sealed to them because of their temple marriage. When a child is adopted and brought into the family, like little Roo, the couple takes their child to the temple where a short ceremony is performed, sealing the child to the parents. This means that Roo isn't just their child in this life. She's their daughter forever.

    I know I'm forgetting something but I hope that makes a little more sense anyway. There's also a good bit of Q and A on Mormon.org if you're interested.